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  • Jodo Ring is a WebRing about Pure Land Buddhism. A WebRing is a way to group sites of similar interest together in a "Ring" using the facilities of the WebRing System. It is free and easy !

    By joining Jodo Ring , the member sites will not only increase their traffic but also help other sites in the Ring, thus promoting the exchange of informations on Pure Land Buddhism all over the WWW !
    Join now !

  • Each member site in the Ring carries a "navigation bar", like the one at the bottom of this page.
    The links in the bar allow visitors to the page to move around among the other sites in the Ring.
    They can move to the next site, the previous site, or choose a random site.

  • Jodo Ring is managed by Jerome Ducor. E-mail :
    Please remember : he is a beginner too!

Becoming a member of Jodo Ring is free and easy !

  1. First of all, you need a WebRing ID. You can get it here (free).

  2. Provided your site meets the requirements below, all you have to do is to fill the informations in the joining page.
    You will then be placed in the membership "queue".

  3. You should add the navigation bar to the first page of your site (in JavaScript or HTML code).
    > See how to do this

  4. After reviewing your page to make sure the code works, the Jodo Ringmaster will move your site from the queue into the Jodo Ring itself and you will be notified. That's all !

    * The requirements for membership in Jodo Ring are :

    1. Your site must provide material on Pure Land Buddhism.
      By "Pure Land Buddhism" are meant buddhist traditions related to the Buddha Amitabha / Amitayus and his Buddha-field, from any trend like Chinese, Korean, Tibetan, Vietnamese, Japanese and so on.
      • Cult sites, "personal philosophy" sites, and the like will not be included in Jodo Ring.

    2. The site owner or WebMaster must provide a current valid e-mail address. He will be the site's only referee to the Jodo Ringmaster.

    3. The "Jodo Ring navigation bar" must be added to the first page of your site (not including cover pages which lead only to the first main page).

    4. Jodo Ring members should not send any on-line solicitation and/or donation to other members.

    5. Their is no language restriction. However the Jodo Ring's business is carried in English.
      In case of non-English site, its language must be specified in the "Describe" Field of the "joining page".
      The Jodo Ringmaster can request an English summary of a submitted site in order to evaluated its contents.

    6. The Jodo Ringmaster is the only one to judge wether a site meets the above mentionned requirements.

avis Whenever your are changing adresses (URL and / or e-mail),
you are requested to update your informations in Jodo Ring by yourself.
> To do so visit the Member Tools.

(Otherwise, your site will automatically be suspended from JodoRing by the system)

> Helpful links <

WebRing System Help (official)
Users Guide (andreasrings)

questionsMore questions to Jodo Ringmaster?

The Jodo Ring navigation bar
(as customized for this Jodo Ring Homepage)

This site is a member of WebRing. To browse visit here.

How to add the Navigation Bar to your your site

You can choose JavaScript or HTML code.

  • JavaScript :
    1. After logging in Web Ring, click the link at the top for "My Rings",
    2. Click the link in the left column for "View Ring Sites",
    3. Locate the ring and click the title of your site,
    4. Click "Get Navigation Code" in the left column.
    5. Your code will appear in a text box
    with a sample of how it will appear when installed.
    6. Copy the code and place it on your site.

  • HTML Code : proceed trough the above steps 1-4,
    5. Scroll to bottom, click word "here" at end of statement,
    6. Copy the code and place it on your site.

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13 / 06/ 2002